Urantiatona Jovem - Os Frutos do Espírito

Uma Urantiatona Jovem especial com apresentações oferecidas por jovens estudantes de O Livro de Urântia sobre o tema

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3rd European Urantia Conference (4 Days)

Dear Brothers and Sisters this year 2022 we have prepared a dynamic and different European Meeting with which we want to be a Light for all our siblings of the continent. The data shows that secularism triumphs in Europe and that biblical ideas are not well accepted. However, there is a very important nuance: the figure of God is still believed in a majority way. Then, is there any opportunity for the teachings of the Urantia Book? Let's take it! Let’s prepare ourselves to be a Light in the world by putting into practice the teachings through the proposed workshops.

Língua(s): - English - Español