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Spiritual Growth Conversations

Oluwatooni “Toni” Oyeyemi (Switzerland), Juan Jaramillo (Canada), Aprilhelen (USA) / YaYAs

We are excited to include your voices into this Youth Urantiathon! The final two-hour slot of the Program will include a moment of communion and summaries of a few of the previous presentations, which will prompt conversations in language-specific breakout rooms. 


The Youth and Young Adult Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship is grateful to have been invited to collaborate with UYAI! We are an international team whose mission is to live the revelatory teachings, build a global community through empowering relationships, and progress Godward together, inspiring each other to bear more and more fruits of the spirit.

Aprilhelen is a second-generation Urantia Book student and is the current chair of the YaYA committee.
Oluwatooni “Toni” Oyeyemi is a Nigerian native now living in Europe, raising a family with the ideals of the art of living.
Juan Jaramillo is a member of YaYA and UYAI and is the technical mastermind behind many Urantia Book-related events, including this Youth Urantiathon.