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The Law of the Kingdom

As a tree bears fruits as evidence of its accountability to itself and the seed from which it germinated and took the source, so does The proof of fraternity with the divine Adjuster consists wholly in the nature and extent of the fruits of the spirit which are yielded in the life experience of the individual believer. [Paper 5:2.4, page 64.7]
"By their fruits you shall know them." [Paper 5:2.4, page 64.7] … and as a fruit tree diligently bears many fruits in its due season for the use of all that may chance upon it "So does the true believer exist only for the purpose of bearing the fruits of the spirit: to love man as he himself has been loved by God." [Paper 180:2.5, page 1946.3]
"...for the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance." [Paper 34:6.13, page 381.7] …is the law of the kingdom. [Paper 142:1.5, page 1596.7]


Jesse Tweneboa-Kodua is a secondary school teacher in Mankessim, Ghana. He has been reading The Urantia Book for about eight years. From a nihilist and an existentialist dilemma of having to provide meaning and purpose to his life in this vast cosmos, the Book paved a clear understanding of the meaning of his life, educating him to have "faith in God" and "hope for an eternal life". This is why Jesse studies The Urantia Book and pursues spirituality.