Urantia Events

3rd European Urantia Conference (4 Days)

Overcoming Materialism – Enlightening Europe

Dear Brothers and Sisters this year 2022 we have prepared a dynamic and different European Meeting with which we want to be a Light for all our siblings of the continent.

The data shows that secularism triumphs in Europe and that biblical ideas are not well accepted. However, there is a very important nuance: the figure of God is still believed in a majority way. Then, is there any opportunity for the teachings of the Urantia Book? Let's take it! Let’s prepare ourselves to be a Light in the world by putting into practice the teachings through the proposed workshops.

Finally, as the pandemic has left us orphans of sharing face to face, we have wanted to offer, more than ever, experiences where living, enjoying and feeling close to each other are a priority. Welcome!!


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Time Zone: America/New_York
From Thursday the 20 of October, 2022
to Sunday the 23 of October, 2022

08:00 AM, - 04:00 PM

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